Koi phool dhoop ki pattiyon me...

Koi phool dhoop ki pattiyon mein hare riban se bandha hua

Wo ghazal ka Iehja naya naya na kaha hua na suna hua

Patthar ke jigar walo gham mei...

Patthar ke jigar walo gham mein wo rawani hai

Khud raah bana lega bahta hua pani hai

Nusrat Badr talking about Dr. ...

Nusrat Badr regards his father as the poet of every generation. He says that the poetries written by Bashir were not only a depiction of the generation in which they were written, but also the generation of today and...

I want to say in my own words

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‘International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr’ is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Founded in 2004; it is an undertake to divulge the riches of Bashir Badr’s written work. IRSPBB dedicates its efforts in promotion of Urdu poet Bashir’s commended work to the general readers...
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Gaalib se shikayat
Bashir wrote this poetry in the magazine named “NAI KADRE” page no. 3 volume 4, year 1958 Hyderabad, Pakistan. The poetry was written as a visionary in the light of what Bashir forethought of himself in future.
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Ujjale Apani Yaadon Ke…
This book has exclusively being publicized on the website. It is tribute to Mr. Vineet Pathak from Jabalpur. Mr. Vineet Pathak was an all time fan of Dr. Bashir Badr. And he insisted that he wants to publish the book. "Ujjale apni yadon ke..." Bashir gave him the rights to do so.
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