Left with only a bag in Calcutta
ashir Badr lost his entire belongings, when his house was set on fire in — year. This event had a great effect on him and he went through an anguish and dejection. He kept himself in desolation for a long time, cut off from the outside world. He gave up writing. Later owing to constant insisting by friends, he moved to Bhopal. Here he met Dr Rahat, to be his wife in future. She gave him support and impetus to start writing again. And it was in year — that he published —book. Hereafter, he never looked back and has written much acclaimed and award winning creations in the history of this century.

Bashir Badr Comeback

Dr. Badr showed a spirited come back after he underwent a traumatic experience in 19—. A fire had broken into his house in Meerut, destroying away all his belongings and precious written work. Badr had lost quite a number of his irreplaceable work. This incident had a deep impact on him and Badr disappeared, isolating himself from the world. For sometime his whereabouts were unknown to anyone. And one of the photographs on this websites exhibits his 1st appearance in Calcutta after — years. Left with the only belongings housed in a small briefcase.

Currently Bashir Badr is the chairman of ‘Urdu Academy, Bhopal.
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  • Murtazagujar

    i love you and your work dr.bashir badr

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