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ashir wrote this poetry in the magazine named “NAI KADRE” page no. 3 volume 4, year 1958 Hyderabad, Pakistan. The poetry was written as a visionary in the light of what Bashir forethought of himself in future.

He is comparing his ability with that of Ghalib; at the same time portraying how different he is from Ghalib. Ghalib who is a golden name in the domain of Ghazals and Shers has set his mark in the world, and now after centuries another name would yet again be marked with the same eminence, which would be Bashir’s.

The poetry is a complaint to Ghalib, written some 30 yrs before this date; where Bashir is asking Ghalib not to influence or guide him, because his work is as parallel, as that of Ghalib. Contradictorily the Ghazals by Dr Badr are not written in the same flair as that of Ghalib, yet it features the same originality and persona, which Ghalib’s poetry would reflect.

Bashir’s poems follow a simplistic ritual of writing, which makes them comprehensible and felt by a common man
all it Bashir’s futuristic imminence, he had himself remarked during his lifetime that he will be perceived, as one of the greatest poet of the century; Ghalib-se-Shikayat is a visionary elucidation of that intuition. Bashir Badr is a modest person in his life and through this poem he addresses that, Ghalib was a great poet of his era and Bashir of his. The kind of work done by both of them has been in the same arena, likewise out of 10,000 Shers written by Ghalib, 10 have been eternal and out of 12,000 Shers written by Bashir 75 are everlasting till now, wherein more would follow owing to his continuous writing.

Bashir’s poems follow a simplistic ritual of writing, which makes them comprehensible and felt by a common man; they are contemporary as well as traditional. To Ghalib, fame came posthumously; his work was not cherished by his generation. But owing to technology and media of today, Bashir Badr’s work reaches readers all over the world. His fans come not only from India and Pakistan but also USA, France, Canada, Dubai, etc…displaying a wide readership and an appreciation of his work.

Hence through this poem Bashir also speaks that he is the poet of 20th century and he shall take advantage of the inventions of this century, to expose more and more, the world of Ghazals and Shers to the modern world.

The god-gift which he has, shall enrich the flavors of readers, as had Ghalib. They are the legendaries in the same field yet they strike inimitability in themselves.

The lines from ‘Ghalib se Shikayat’ say:

“Ye Yakin Rakhiye ki Bahrhal Hume Milna hai
Jaise tarikh ke aurak baham hote hai”

This means that we’ll meet just as pages of history meet.

read ghazal
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