Iqbal Masood

Iqbal Masood

Mr. Iqbal Masood is a well known critic of Urdu Poetry. He is known as a tough standard for Urdu Poetry, anything which passes his test is automatically tagged as best work. Along with working as editor and author for NCERT he has served Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy as Joint Secretary for many years. Along with serving right and well written content to readers his duty was also to motivate new Shayars and Poets. He has helped many new talents to publish their work along with working with legends and providing clean and ethical critic of each of their work.

When IRSPBB was established the most difficult task was to find a leader who can not only present the content in right way but also has ability to choose the right content without and bias. And to handle such a huge portal and vision of IRSPBB there was no second choice than Mr. Masood. Initially he was hesitant as this may give impression to world that he will now always write positive about Poet Bashir Badr. But it was vision of IRSPBB which made Mr. Iqbal agree to take up the task – vision to develop a platform for generations to come.

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