Bashir Badr’s collection of books is available in Hindi and Urdu. Dr Badr’s books for the most part were released in Pakistan. Owing to his laudable and recognized work in the Urdu, publisher ‘Vani Prakashan’ took the initiative to publish these books in Hindi. Vani Prakashan was the 1st publisher to put together, the Urdu books into Hindi, making it available to mass readers in India. These publications added a boost to the popularity to the works of Bashir Badr; he gained not only extensive readership but also wide-spread admiration.

Mir who has written more than 18000 Shers has 72 Shers as remembered ones; relatively Bashir has also written more than 12,000 Shers and 72 of his Shers have also been marked memorable.

The books carry a wide range of Ghazals and Shers. The cover pages of these books have been displayed (on this website)

Image, Aamad, Asmaan, Aahat and Ikai are the books, which will remain golden forever. They have won awards “Urdu Academy, U.P.” and “Urdu Academy, Bihar”.

The first collection of Ghazals, “Ikai” revolutionized the Urdu Ghazal world. This book was a sensational accomplishment in the journey of writing, of Bashir Badr. It was remarked as ‘Badi Ghazal ki aakhari aur nayi ghazal ki pehli kitaab’

In the preface of his 3rd book “Aamad” he has written a letter for the readers in yr 2035.

“Ujjale Apni Yadon ke” was the book published in 1990 by Vineet Pathak. Vineet was a poor guy from Jabalpur, huge fan of Dr. Badr. He gave away most of his belongings to get this book published. He died at an early age in a car accident. But he has hugely contributed towards one of the books, which is to be a part of Ghazal history.

Azadi Ke Bad Urdu Ghazals Ka Tanqidi Mutala
Azadi Ke Bad Urdu Ghazals Ka Tanqidi Mutala
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