This book has exclusively being publicized on the website. It is tribute to Mr. Vineet Pathak from Jabalpur. Mr. Pathak was an all time fan of Bashir Badr. And he insisted that he wants to publish the book. “Ujjale apni yadon ke…” Bashir gave him the rights to do so. Mr. Vineet Pathak was small town boy in the struggling phase of his life. He sold away most of his possessions to publish this book. The book was printed on a handmade paper, with Illustrated pictures of Dr. Bashir Badr. There handful printed copies of this book. This book therefore has been made available on the website as a tribute from IRSPBB to Mr. Vineet Pathak. The readers can view the original book. Bashir Badr is remorseful that Mr. Vineet Pathak lost his life in a very unfortunate mishap, he was mistakenly murdered. IRSPBB pays him homage to Mr. Vineet Pathak.

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  • Manoj Srivastava

    A wonderful thought of the life!!!!

  • Rudrakshpathak

    As of now I’m all of 18 years old, and yet I sit with a copy of ‘Ujaale Apni Yaadon ke’ in my hands, a definitive milestone in modern Urdu poetry. In my house, there still lie copies which my father bound by hand which not only evoke fond memories of your visit a decade and a half back but also inspire a  young shayar like me.
    Me and my family would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Badr and that the arms of long lost friends are always open for another visit to our humble abode.
    I would personally like to add that your shayaris have given birth to a long suppressed shayar inside me. Like my father, I’m a huge fan of your work and would like you to inspire me further.

    Thanking You,
    Rudraksh Pathak

    son of late Mr. Vineet Pathak
    Phone No. – +919755545151

  • irspbb

    Dear Rudrakash,

    We sincerely appreciate your valuable comments on the We have paid special homage to your father on this website in acknowledgment of his sincere dedication to promote ‘Ujjale Apni Yadon ke..’

    Bashir Badr has deep regard for Mr. Vineet Pathak and deeply appreciates his efforts and sacrifices. Please share with us the memories of your father and his devotion for Bashir Badr. We are very glad that you are also an admirer of Bashir Badr and a aspiring writer yourself.

    We are happy to inform you that soon we are releasing an encyclopedia of complete works of Bashir Badr, named as ‘Shayar-e-Azam’. We would conducting an all India launch of it and it would be our pleasure if you attend the inaugural ceremony of the same. We wish you the best with your writing works..

  • Sktiwari1988

    well i am going through a rough and most frustrating phase of my life.sometimes it seems that death become better than life.
    now these lines of mr.bashir badr ji had helped a lot to heal my wounds as the poetry is not enough to heal it i am also trying for some other therapy but anyway nice collection keep it up.
    santosh tiwari(09718848346)

  • Rudrakshpathak

    Thank you for considering my comment.

    It will be an honor to attend the inaugural ceremony.
    Kindly inform me regarding the venue and time.
    It is a great effort to immortalize the works of Mr. Badr for the generations to come. I would not want to miss it.
    Thanking you for the invitation,
    Rudraksh Pathak

  • Deepak Vishwakarma

    Ujale apni yaadon ke… one of my favorite…

    –Deepak Vishwakarma

  • Sharat Sarangi

    Ujaale apni yadon ke hamare saath rehne do, najane kis gali me jindagi ki shaam ho jaye.

  • Junaid Ahmad


  • Mnn Unjha

    bahut khub lagi ujle……. aage bhi maza leta rahunga.shukria badr sahab.

  • utkarsh lavaniya

    Please tell me, where can i buy or download this book….

  • Liveimages

    Please inform jhow can I procure a copy of this book

  • Haider Ali

    I wan to have a copy of this book, from where i can buy this book

  • imrankhan

    i want to meet u sir

  • imrankhan

    I live in Faizabad and wana meet dr sahab
    I want to take this book,from where

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