Shayar -E- Aazam

Nilesh Neel
on Thursday, November 26th, 2009
Short Bio
Mr. Neel considers Bashir as his prime mentor and has founded International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr. His journey till date has been long.
his article about Bashir Badr is not merely an article it’s a spoken prose of the 21st century and future generation to come. The purpose of which is to intimate them of the poetic feeling traveling immortal in the human hearts as spoken air, spoken fragrance, spoken moon, spoken sunshine, spoken love, and spoken sounds in poetry. His narration about the literature’s gesture is written in the most simple language to make mirror image in readers shadow, to understand what’s this article stands for and his destination motion in the last stop of our soul. We appreciate heart to heart talk to acknowledge your smile in the heart. You will be glorified, the notion for once essence and substance in the journey of life. One can see the air, one can read the fragrance and one can light the moon in his heart, one can burn the burning desire in love & affection; that’s his writing in spoken couplets. His one sher is enough to speak the universal sound of poetry-

ujaale apni yaadon key hamaare saath rahne do
na jaane kis gali mei zindagi ki shaam ho jaaye

is heart is kept in moon, his soul is in air, flowing in the nature’s fragrance and with this he is present everywhere with his beloved poetry. It seems wearing cloud’s clothes with moon’s heart, with soul air and with fragrant mind he came in this world as human being. His blood is so bland in his veins; he carries colorful poetries of life, love and lives. He is breathing with spoken poems. His moon heart and nature’s soul is flowing in air whose thought is influencing the human hearts, his name is written in water and his work is surviving live in feelings to name remarks of full moon poetry.

After Ghalib’s fame now Bashir Badr, one of the honorable and most popular romantic poet in the 21st Century, is drawing crowds mad in his mushayraas, to the unforgettable couplets than any form of poetic-expression. While reading and listening to his two lines couplets one can feel his poetry in much beautiful admiring adoration, ultimately anyone can defy the immeasurable verses of long poems in literature.

The concentration and thoughts make his each of his words more and more alive in touch of love

. He is the secret notion of man living and shining in human hearts. His subconscious poet flows in poetry with soft and purified perfection from nature’s words. All queries of life are answered in his loveable cure. Beauty and richness of his sher intimate trustworthy popularity and significance. We can’t change the state of mind with his expression of live.

ashir Badr himself is poetry and when poetry writes poetry its legacy is difficult to quantify. He is like first and last shaayar in real primitive Ghazals. Second to none, not as such imitable, its last stop in soul destination like been written in nature – As everlasting pervading poetry, he is one and only one Shaayar-E-Azam in the history of Urdu poetry. His reputation as shaayar is incomparable with the contemporary poets. He is legendry by the people known as greatest modern poets in history of Ghazals ever happened. The fascination of his poetry created an even greater influence as very unique and real psychology of human being, that’s the monarchy he made in modern Ghazals. He is like first and last shaayer in real natural Ghazals but no so called modern Ghazals, because modern will be even modern as nature’s delight and he is delightful fragrance of nature in his Ghazals.

e walks on path of Mir Taki Mir traditions and turned into most new modern gesture in Urdu poetry. First time Hindi became Urdu with extraordinary significant meanings and expressions. His work became the first interpretation in Hindi and Urdu, creating loving and clear vision in couplets. The contemporary tongue welcomed his style with innovation of fascination in traditional sounds of Urdu and Hindi. His glittering Shers are smiling his wealth and strength in Ghazals – A love with loving Ghazals.

A poet has taken birth as literature and a literature taken birth as a poet
How centuries old this human era is? It doesn’t matter Bashir Badr’s glimpse in his poetic expression carries age of past, present and future tongues of spoken language. This reflects the psychological truths in the ethnic Urdu Ghazals and his present live Ghazals. He is a mark of live age in all ages of period. A poet of ages in all ages he is breathing age for conception love and the life speaks of his love is his Shers as a remarkable personality in Urdu attitude as poet. An aged distinct poet! Love and poetry are synonymous to each other; everlasting is afflatus in universe so called nature and the name behind nature is God. Human, nature and God are three literatures in poetry, from flowers to pain, all are the moods and diction in manifestation of poet. The name Bashir Badr is among one of the best poetries written by Almighty after, Khoushroo, Kabir, Galib, Mir and Faiz. Now, a new messenger in literature is Bashir Badr, shining as day moon in universal form of Urdu literature as Shaayar-E-Azam. It is impossible to see air but it is possible to see air with Bashir Badr’s two lines couplet and sher.

ompare human nature and God- human is a nature and nature is the God. And God become human and human became God. It’s a cycle in uniform of spirits between life and death. Bashir Badr’s path to pinnacle touches the heart of moon light poetry. His poetry exists as love of mirror. His sher reveals his heart to the hearts with deep touch of love; A very clean humble poetic excellence. His reflection is a prism of sun, moon, stars and sunshine of hearts resembling flame in eyes with notion on the tranquility of love, humanity and spoken sounds of hearts.

I say nobody ever narrated better what life, God and nature is! He is a cycle of an era in literatures blood. A poet has taken birth as literature and a literature taken birth as a poet. Both are synonymous to each other to define poetry of God as a poet, would be written in future as Bashir Badr – The last stop in soul’s destination; as everlasting pervading poetry.

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  • Suresh Patil

    It is one of the best creation I have ever seen. My best wishes to Neelbhai.

    Suresh Patil, Baroda

  • Anonymous

    I like this site immensely and wish Dr Badr a very very long life so that v  continue to enjoy the best class of poetry of these times.

  • rajendra

    where can I get full collection of badra saheb’s ghazals?

  • Lalit Pandit

    where can i get 
    Shayar -E- Aazam

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