The poet of 2035

The poet of 2035

Iqbal Masood
on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
Short Bio
Iqbal Masood is a well known critic of Urdu Poetry. He is known as a tough standard for Urdu Poetry.

Mr. Iqbal Massod expresses ‘When one thinks of great Urdu poets, the names that have marked their way are Ghalib, Mir, Faiz., but in present times when we think of any poet who is comparable to the image of these great poets there has been no one who has stood up to the excellence. I doubt that in present times the success and fame of these writers is redeemed by the political parties or the religion. Bashir Badr is a renowned name but he has not advertised on any labels, he has gained the mass popularity and it’s a quality of him to achieve that admiration through his works.’ Bashir Badr has written a letter in 1985 to Ghazal listener & readers of 2035 but Bashir Badr is not only the poet of 2035 he is the poet of 21st century and the generations to come. Editorial chief Iqbal Masood has written an elaborate article in the encyclopedia for Bashir Badr. Today on the day of inauguration (12th April 1 pm at earls court R505 London book Fair 2011) of our portal and Encyclopedia of ‘Shayar-e-Azam’ Dr. Bashir Badr, we are publishing his article on the portal for the readers.

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