ashir Badr is the sovereign of modern Ghazals; his Ghazals are based on themes like love, passion, beauty as well as social issues. The distinguishing factor to his Ghazals is that they have a splendor that they can, not only be felt but also visualized. This website features the most sorted Ghazals of Dr Bashir Badr for its readers. And to savor the liking of the readers across the globe, the Ghazals have been translated in Hindi and English for the readers who can’t read Urdu.

The Ghazals by Bashir Badr have diversity in them. They are an assortment of work written in the most conventional fashion to the most contemporary style. The choice of his diction and language remains in line with the language of a common man.

“Ujjale Apni Yadon ke …”
“Dushmani jamkar karo lekin ye …”
“ye zafrani pullover’ uusi ka hissa hai,
koi jo dussara pahne to dussara hi lage”
“Koi haath bi na milaiga …”
“Jee bahut chahta hai sach bole …”
“Humse major ka gussa bhi ajab badal hai …”

What Gulzar had to say about Bashir Badr is, his Ghazals have the reflection of today’s world. They aren’t meant to be a decorated piece of work. The Sher of his Ghazal doesn’t settle as only a thought, it can be disaster or a delight.

“bade logon se ilne mein hamesha fasla rakha …”
“Kuch to majbooriya rahi hongi …”
“zindagi tune mujhe kabr se kam di hai zameen …”
“ye zameen asmaa kuch naye to lage.
Mujhe aisi nazar ai khuda chahiye …”

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  • Jayati Rao Raju

    I salute you Bashir Saab for your poems.Forever indebted to you for giving the beautiful shers and ghazals its a kind of wealth that I will cherish forever.

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