Maine Ghazal ko nahi Ghazal ne mujhe dhoonda hai

This exclusive interview never telecasted on any media channels illustrates why Dr Badr has flourished as the greatest poet of this era.

Shayari to Kaynat ki wah awaaz hai jo dil se nikalti hai

Naseem Nikahat, editor Aalimi Sahara Urdu, Delhi, took this interview over the telephone. The medium of communication though was a telephone, yet it is one of the best interviews of Bashir Badr.

English Interview by Nilesh Neel

Mr. Nilesh Neel in English takes this interview. This is a notable audio interview; where questions have been edited out, to give synchronization to Bashir’s flow of words.

Jagjit Singh Talking about Dr. Bashir Badr

In this interview Jagjit Singh names those much-admired Ghazals, which he has sung from Bashir Badr’s collection.

A note on Dr. Bashir Badr’s poetry

Dr. Bashir Badr’s is one of those mellifluos voice which are resounding in the kashmir valley of new Urdu Ghazal.

Bashir talking about “Yarron Khata Maaf karo Mein Nashe Main hoon”

Mir Taqi Mir, the legendary poet has written Shers in Persian Urdu. Mir had a simplistic form of writing.

Nusrat Badr talking about Dr. Bashir Badr

Nusrat Badr regards his father as the poet of every generation. He says that the poetries written by Bashir were not only a depiction of the generation in which they were written, but also the generation of today …