Bashir talking about “Yarron Khata Maaf karo Mein Nashe Main hoon”

ir Taqi Mir, the legendary poet has written Shers in Persian Urdu. Mir had a simplistic form of writing. Mir’s writings were distinctive from Ghalib’s in their way of expression; Mir wanted to keep his writing simple for the mass readership. Bashir Badr has followed the footsteps of Mir, Mir is his inspiration and guide. Mir had written a Ghazal “Yarron Khata Maaf karo Mein Nashe Main hoon …”, has also been sung by Jagjit Singh; This is a quite famous Ghazal and reiteration of the ghazal recited by Bashir goes like this “Bahar na aao ghar mein raho tum nashe main ho …”

Bashir Badr has rephrased this poem in a sublime way contradicting what Mir had written. This ghazal has a silent humble awareness about alcoholism.

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