Maine Ghazal ko nahi Ghazal ne mujhe dhoonda hai

Interview by Nilesh Neel

Maine Ghazal ko nahi Ghazal ne mujhe dhoonda hai. This exclusive interview never telecasted on any media channels illustrates why Dr Badr has flourished as the greatest poet of this era. Dr Badr discloses why the poets like Ghalib & Mir have been able to win the hearts of the people over the centuries; and how Bashir has been able to take advantage of the very fact that it’s the simplicity of language that makes a poet admirable. What makes a poet magnificent is his ability to express in two lines using a language comprehensible by a common man. According to him, a true poet should mould himself in the character of situation and exemplify in two lines the entire expression of the character be it pain or love. People usually confuse between poetry and Ghazals, this where Dr. Badr identifies Ghazals as just the two liners carrying within them the entire expression.

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Bashir Badr conforms this interview to be the best interview of his life
This is an unique interview as it has been filmed on a personal handicam by Nilesh Neel. The interview was shot in one attempt without any retakes. The interview follows no theme of pre-framed questions, it just follows a synchronized flow of thoughts, questions and views. Filmed at Bashir’s home, the website exhibits the unedited version of the interview.

The interview proclaims the views of Bashir Badr on the contemporary Urdu poetry.

He talks about the evolution of the poetic language; how it evolved from the ancient Persian into the current Urdu language. Bashir Badr has a major role to play in the modern Urdu poetry arena and in this interview he talks about where he took his inspiration from and how he came to fabricate this modern common man language. Owing to its uniqueness and simplicity this interview is a milestone in the sphere of Urdu world.
This interview gives an understanding to a common man what Ghazals are? He explains that ghazals are no more confined to few readers from the society. He states that ghazals are reachable now to the masses; the languages in his poetries do not follow the customary usage of language as that of Mir’s and Ghalib’s. Bashir’s poetries take inspiration from all aspects of life and emotions, which he expresses in a simplified form of expression.

This interview is the favorite interview of Bashir’s for the reason that it extends the unprecedented views and expressions of his.
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