Following are the major assets owned by IRSPBB:

Business Identity: Our business identity, which includes logo, promotional tag, and slogan, has been developed to be used and recognized by businesses and readers. Our logo is unique to us, displaying a fountain pen nib in the graphics and text IRSPBB written in old typewriter font, followed by the slogan “Poem, Poetry and the Poet” which signifies the individuality of Dr. Bashir Badr and about the community dedicated to the literature.


IRSPBB logo is the identity of organization; the logo was designed in guidance of Nilesh Neel (Chairman) this is the official website of IRSPBB, to show the information, objective, mission and contact information of the organization. IRSPBB is the owner of this domain name since year 2005. This domain is managed at the official website of Dr. Bashir Badr. The portal will be hosted on this domain. IRSPBB own this domain since year 2004. This domain is managed at the mobile version of will be hosted on this domain, IRSPBB own this domain since 2010, the domain is registered at

Hosting: IRSPBB have its own dedicated hosting with, purchased in the year 2009, before godaddy hosting, IRSPBB was running its websites from different hosting servers. Now we have a common place to host all our websites. The dedicated server is an Apache Server enabled for PHP 5 and MySql database server.

Copyrights: IRSPBB got a complete copyright ownership of all literature work done by Dr. Bashir Badr. It means that IRSPBB have ownership of over 18000 shaers written by Dr. Bashir Badr. IRSPBB own the exclusive rights to re-publish distribute and share his work through any known media or any other media developed in future.