IRSPBB – Objective

RSPBB has already developed the in Phase I. In phase one development, the portal has covered Ghazals of Dr. Bashir Badr. Interviews, his biography and two e-books.

With taking it in to the next level, which is phase two of development cycle, IRSPBB is trying to established this portal as a more robust networking site, and publish all his books on internet. Our purpose is to make his literature available for the reach of masses and all class of people, so that his literature can be accessed by more people.

Since his books are available once in a blue moon, we want to make it easily available to the reach of each and everyone; we find this necessity very important because we believe that his poetry is for everyone, right from a child to the old age person. It is always appreciated by everyone. And now is the time when we can spread this so that it can be translated in to different-different international languages as we grow in number of readerships. This will help to promote his work for the Nobel Prize.

A dedicated research on the portal and analysis of future upcoming technologies is also one of the concerns, so that we can run this portal in most recent time. It is very important for any public portal to keep its visitors count goes high and high every day. The key is Keep yourself updated