Mrs. Alpana Neel (Director & CEO)

hen Mrs. Alpana Neel was going Oxford for her masters she might have never thought that she will come back to India and settle for her husband’s mission. Like any other young academic success in country like UK and that too in place like Oxford, one want to settled abroad for their dreamed life but Mrs. Alpana Neel after the completion of her education in Oxford sacrifice her esteemed career and move back to India. Due to Mr. Neel’s love for Bashir Badr the move back to India meant the sacrifice of Mrs. Neel promising career. Now With her husband she also dedicates her efforts for the promotion and development of Before this she was working with top consulting firm in India named Adecco from Sweden. Now she is the CEO of IRSPBB. She is highly academic MBA from Oxford Brookes University, UK; BCSE, Oxford Said College, UK; PGPBM, Western Michigan University, USA.

She does not look coming back to India has any shortfall but a challenge to use all her education to fullest and make sure IRSPBB is operated as any International Organization with highest ethical and business standards. Mrs. Aplana has defined and documented mission and vision for IRSPBB for next 15 years. Each phase is defined as milestone and every step to achieve the same is well defined along with possible alternatives and backup plans. Business does not always means monitory benefits, it sometimes has to set high standards of values and recognition worldwide and this vision is well documents in each of the business plan suggested by Mrs. Alpana.