Mr. Nilesh Neel (Founder Chairman)

ilesh Neel an ardent admirer of the renowned poet Bashir Badr has created International readers Society of poet Bashir Badr to make the works of the Urdu poet better known in the world. He wants to create an atmosphere for him to get Nobel Prize someday. It might or might not happen, but Bashir’s works should be known and accessible to all those who understand and appreciate class Urdu poetry.

Of the very few humans who dare to set on their own path, Mr. Nilesh Neel is one of them. He is the man to have an idiosyncratic vision and the insight to accomplish it to the reality. After the completion of Mrs.Neel education in Oxford Brookes Mr. Neel and his wife thought of to settling in London. They could have easily settled life in UK, revere and esteem anyone shall dream of but it was sheer love of Mr. Neel for Bashir Badr which made Mr. Neel to come back to India. He chose to give up the comforts of life in London and came to India to dedicate his efforts for the promotion of the work of his Guru. The move back to India meant the sacrifice of his wife’s career. It took him long efforts and tribulations to finally convince his wife to move to India with him.

inally she understood the vision of her husband and join him for this venture, now she is CEO of IRSPBB. It was difficult for him to make understand the family what his aspirations were. A lot of persuasion, some arguments and a mixture of approaches could get him to tread the path he firmly believed in. What Mr. Nilesh chose was a part of honesty, may have come many occasions to accept easy money; however is decisiveness in his choice was irrevocable. He believes and practices that once committed to something there is no turning back; his dedication to his guru comes from high degree of respect, inspiration and admiration. And for this reason he unswervingly worked for his Guru for following years to devise means to spread his works.

For him is a dream for which every possible effort is worth
Mr. Nilesh conceptualized the idea of, a portal unique to world of literature and Urdu poetry. He has been working on intricacies of the portal from year 2005. For the composition of data, he traveled extensively. To collect the matter for the portal he has toured various parts of the country. He has resourced all his funds for the progression of this website. Mr. Nilesh established an office by himself and invested wisely in pragmatic life style to dedicate the efforts in line to work on Bashir’s portal. The portal is a non-profit organization and was never established from the ‘make money on’ point of view, the sole objective of the portal is to promote it to mass users. The funds for the creation and progression of the portal have come from the private finances of Mr. Neel himself. Mr. Neel’s uphill struggle on the portal and unique vision is quite prominent in the design, art-work and theme and in over all feel of the portal. The portal is a delight to Bashir’s fans and mesmerizing to new age youth.

ashir Badr is a renowned name in the Urdu poetry and what Mr. Neel envisions to do is to spread his spectacular work throughout the world. Where this era greets multimedia and technology, the effort is that the work of the poet shall be rendered analogous to the same. Ghalib was the poet of 19th century, to this Mr. Neel feels is that Bashir is the poet of 21st Century and therefore his works would not be limited to only paper and pen. Of those who have not had a chance to have a taste of Bashir’s Shers will be able to access and savour the poetries via this portal. It’s not for this generation only but also the generations to come. On Choosing Badr as his object of “so much hard work”, Neel says Urdu after Ghalib is resting either in graves or in libraries. Bashir is the only poet whose poems are universal in appeal and understood by everyone. Otherwise, literature in India is being referred from its past worked or somehow being sung in bollywood only from genuine lyricist to mediocre.

Mr. Neel being poet himself has a flair for the understanding of Urdu and Hindi poetry
Having traveled across the world his knowledge of the Bureaucracy is wide. He is a young poet himself and understands the modern contemporaries very well. He is a creative thinker and hence has an understanding of essence of life. Being an excellent communicator he has a farfetched perception. He is a man of diligence. He is also the founder and director of ‘Water freedom revolution’, which is yet another venture towards promotion and development of pure water for the masses. He has sustained a delicate balance between managing smooth running and progression of the portal, WFR and house-hold. Of what he has invested his life into are not profit gaining projects and even the recognition and appreciation is long due, however what he has ventured into is a work of life time dedicated primarily to the guru and secondly to the benefit of society through provision of clean water to future generation.

Dr. Bashir Badr speaks about Nilesh Neel

I know my status but it doesn’t behove me to talk about it, it’s better that someone else speak about me. I must admit that I didn’t work as hard in writing my verses as Neel has honestly worked in collecting them all. In relation he is like my son. From last 5 years he is working on me, I believe his noble efforts and true hard work creating this portal. He is new voice of real poetry. He is writing promisingly genuine poetries in Urdu and Hindi. I believe he will do the best in his life. I wish him all the best and blessings for his visionary work.