Mr. Sudhir Sehgal (COO & Head: Marketing & PR)

r. Sudhir Sehgal is well known for his innovations and technical initiatives in Indian Publishing Industry. Mr. Sehgal was the key man behind reviving of Indian Comics Industry. After a dry gap of 15 years Mr. Sehgal and his team released 2 new comics (a) Bollywood & (b) Santa Banta & Trendy at times when Indian comics industry was tagged as dead by many industry specialists. The books released were taken as revolution by World Media and many young (and old) entrepreneurs took lessons from there and now Indian Comics Industry see competition. Mr. Sehgal’s ability to market and brand the products shows his vast experience of more than a decade. For more than a decade Mr. Sehgal has given his services to various publishers across the globe for children books, illustrations, product ideations and digital publishing.

After reviving the Comics Industry Mr. Sehgal was the one of the first group to introduce Mobile Books. Mr. Sehgal has vision to use the dumb Mobiles as powerful Education Tools and educate the parents to use the Mobile machines in right way.

Mr. Sehgal was considered for the position of COO (& Head Marketing and PR) because of his experience, ability to work within the Industry, ability to innovate new methods to serve the same content. At IRSPBB Mr. Sehgal is responsible for coordinating the Publishing (Print & Digital), Working on Business Plans (as defined by CEO, Mrs. Alpana), Marketing the visibility of IRSPBB at various International Book Fair and thru Poetry Concerts along with Media Planning & Interaction. Mr. Sehgal’s vision is to establish IRSPBB as synonym of Poetry and revolutionize Urdu and Hindi Poetry such that next generations take interest in the content rather than taking it just as a study subject along with innovating new content all by themselves. Mr. Sehgal’s prime role is to publish content available thru IRSPBB in all possible media available and get ready for any new future innovations on time.