Poet for Today & Generations to Come – Padma Shri Dr. Bashir Badr

Ujale apani yaadon ke, Hamare saath rahane do
Na jane kis gali main, Zindagi ki shaam ho jaye

Poetry is expression of love, life and god in a language which is easy to understand yet said in expressive words. Many poets from across the world have narrated their experiences and knowledge of life in their own unique style and language. A true poet is who can be translated in any language without any efforts. There have been poets who have narrated their work in very concise but complicated words. There have been poets who were able to express their knowledge in simplest of language but it took the more than few lines. Poet Bashir Badr has been the poet of today’s generation. He has mastered the art of expressing his thoughts in simplest of words in few lines.

Log toot jaate hain eik ghar banaane mein
Tum taras nahin khaate bastiyanjalaane mein

Bashir Sahab’s work is one of the largest collection of Urdu Poetry which is used by every section of population. Legendary Bollywood Actor uses one of Dr. Bashir’s sher as his signature; Ex-prime minister of India Mr. Atal Bihar Vajpai has used lots of his shers in several of his public addresses, though Mr. Vajpai was a poet himself. Various songs and even work of various poets of today’s generations are inspired by Dr. Bashir’s work. Dr. Bashir’s work does not only give us in-depth understanding of life’s various colours but magic is in the simplest of words used by him.

hen we deiced to publish Encyclopedias on Dr. Bashir Badr it was a huge task to collect all of his work. It was more like choosing the best 18,000 diamonds from the collection of millions of GEMS. And when you speak about Encyclopedia challenge is not to collect 18,000 pieces of content but to represent then in right order of their inception and collect all the stories and events around them. Finally when we have all this we can think of simple tasks of collating them in a book with meaning of each unique word and paragraph so that each individual at any level of education can understand it.

Bashir Sahab is poet of people, the language he uses is most simplest we have ever worked with. All because of this simple language we immediately decided to translate all his work to English, French, Germany and Spanish in nest 2 years. Along with paper printing and translation in many languages Pen to Print has decided to make use of modern publishing methods in large percentage of their investment plan for next 2 years. Bashir Sahab’s work will not only be presented in publishing books but also be launched thru iTunes (Apple Stoores), Amazon (Kindle and other eBook Readers) and even thru many Voice Portals for Mobile users. Handheld device are future of Publishing and PtoP has planned their way for future audience and content of IRSPBB is going to be prime focus for next 5 years.

Sar jhukaoge to patthar devta ho jayega
Itna mat chaaho use wo bewafa ho jayega

We are thankful to IRSPBB, its Founder Director Mr. Nilesh Neel and CEO Mrs. Alpana Neel for choosing Pen to Print Solutions Limited, UK as their Publisher. We are grateful to IRSPBB’s management for giving us exclusive rights of publishing all their work now and future. Pen to Print has dedicated a team and budget to publish and market IRSPBB work and IRSPBB publishing will always remain as one of the top 5 products for PtoP in targets for any marketing year in future.

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  • Krishna-raghuwanshi

    language of love sher of dr bashir badr sahab` can be understood only a “heart” which is full of love

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