Dr. Bashir BadrDr. Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr is a modest person and of whatever he has achieved in his life he has devoted all that to his fans, supporters, well wishers and lastly the critics. What he has come to accomplish in life would not have been possible without the encouragement and support from certain cherished people.

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People mentioned below are some of those people who are personally gratified and without whom this website would have not come into existence.

rahat-badrDr. Rahat Badr

Rahat Badr

His wife has played a major role in his comeback. She was an encouragement to start fresh and revived. She was the person to hold hand and keep faith when all odd were against.

Nilesh NeelNilesh Neel

Mr. Nilesh Neel

Mr Neel considers Bashir as his prime mentor and has founded International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr. His journey till date has been long. He traveled places, interviewed people, collected the lost records and pictures, traveled from London from time to time to develop Bashir’s work further. Now settled in India he has furnished and developed the website.

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Biography (About Bashir Badr)

ashir Badr, born on the February 15th 1935 at Ayodhya, did B.A. M.A. and Ph D. from Aligarh Muslim University. He worked as a lecturer in the Aligarh Muslim University and later as the lecturer and head of the department of Meerut College, Meerut for 17 yrs. He knows Persian, Hindi and English as well.

He has brought out more than seven collections of poems in Urdu and one in Hindi. He has seven collections of Ghazals: ‘Ikai’, ‘Image’, ‘Aamad’, ‘Aahat’, ‘Kulliyate Bashir Badr’, etc. He also has 2 books of literary criticism, ‘Azadi Ke Bad Urdu Ghazals Ka Tanqidi Mutala’ and ‘Biswin Sadi Mein Ghazal’. He also brought out a collection of Urdu Ghazals in the Devnagari script, titled ‘Ujjale Apni Yadon ke’. The collections of his Ghazals have been published in Gujrati script also. His works have been translated into English and French.
He has been honoured with the Padmashree award. He also has been awarded by UP Urdu Academy four times and once by Bihar Urdu Academy. He has been bestowed with the Meer Academy Award, Poet of the year’80 New York, etc.

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ayyed Mohd. Bashir Badr was born into a Muslim family at Ayodhya, in India. This city is known for its cultural and religious history. Bashir was the fourth child of Sayyed Nazir and Aaliya Begum. His father was an Assistant Accountant in the Indian Police and highly respected in the community. Bashir as a child was far clearer in thoughts and visions of life than the children of his age. Bashir throughout was an obedient and respectful child. When he was of age 7, he wrote his 1st Sher. He had a deep desire that even his shers should be published in a magazine. First of his shers were published in the magazine named ‘Nigaar’ at Lucknow.
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ashir Badr got married to …’……… ‘In 19__, Meerut. As a husband to. ..he fathered two children ‘Nusarat Badr’ and ‘Saba Wahid’. In the yr ….Bashir Badr lost every possession of his, when a fire burnt down his house. Soon after, he lost his wife too.
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ashir Badr lost his entire belongings, when his house was set on fire in…yr. This event had a great effect on him and he went through an anguish and dejection. He kept himself in desolation for a long time, cut off from the outside world. He gave up writing. Later owing to constant insisting by friends, he moved to Bhopal. Here he met Dr Rahat, to be his wife in future. She gave him support and impetus to start writing again. And it was in yr… that he published ….book. Hereafter, he never looked back and has written much acclaimed and award winning creations in the history of this century.
Left with only a bag in Calcutta.
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Bashir at home

nnocence touches your heart, when you’ll see the simplicity enfolded in purity of human soul. Bashir’s home is like any others common man’s home. Dr. Bashir very much chooses to lead a customary standard of living. At the age of 76yrs, he still helps in daily chores and chooses to do his tasks by himself. He has an immense regard and honour for the guests. He shall leave no stone unturned in the hospitality extended. Every human visiting him is embraced by him in a warm welcome. The simplicity and authenticity of this man is reflected in his life style and hospitality. He’ll make tea for you with his own hands honoring you as guest. He is ever ready to extend all warmth and comfort.
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