nnocence touches your heart, when you’ll see the simplicity enfolded in purity of human soul. Bashir’s home is like any others common man’s home. Dr. Bashir very much chooses to lead a customary standard of living. At the age of 76yrs, he still helps in daily chores and chooses to do his tasks by himself. He has an immense regard and honour for the guests. He shall leave no stone unturned in the hospitality extended. Every human visiting him is embraced by him in a warm welcome. The simplicity and authenticity of this man is reflected in his life style and hospitality. He’ll make tea for you with his own hands honoring you as guest. He is ever ready to extend all warmth and comfort.

He does all his work on his own, doesn’t believe in any helping hand of servants
ashir at home is like any common man, leading a simplest way of life. He has no lavish lifestyle nor does he impose his eminence. The genuineness of this man gets carried with him. The simplicity and bigheartedness reflects, in itself the uniqueness and honesty of this man. Even at the age of 76 yrs Bashir Badr does his tasks on his own. His favorite place of relaxation is his terrace, where at one time he sits into deep thinking and other times feel like he’s transport to his childhood.

Every room in his house reflects his works in some or the other way, in form of books, curtain, awards, pictures, mementoes or photos. There is a deep essence revolve around his aura in his home, his home is his temple.

A day with Bashir at home

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This video was shot by Mr. Neel from a personal handicam. Hence this footage has no retakes or anything contrived. It features what any day can be from Dr Badr’s daily life. He leads a modest standard of life.

In this video he talks about the curtain gifted by [name] from Dubai. [Name] as an appreciation of Bashir’s work got embroidered 72 distinctive shers on a curtain. More often, these shers are equated with the 72 famous shers of Mir.

The Curtain with 72 sher

He narrates the significance of decorative paintings in his house, which are depicture of Ghalib’s shers. Dr Badr considers Ghalib as a mentor as well as, as an adversary. He narrates the intention for writing the poem ‘Ghalib se Shikayat’

Bashir badr’s house

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