Nilesh Neel

Nilesh Neel

Mr. Neel considers Bashir as his prime mentor and has founded International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr. His journey till date has been long. He traveled places, interviewed people, collected the lost records and pictures, traveled from London from time to time to develop Bashir’s work further. Now settled in India he has furnished and developed the website.

Mr. Neel being poet himself has a flair for the understanding of Urdu and Hindi poetry
Having traveled across the world his knowledge of the Bureaucracy is wide. He is a young poet himself and understands the modern contemporaries very well. He is a creative thinker and hence has an understanding of essence of life. Being an excellent communicator he has a farfetched perception. He is a man of diligence. He is also the founder and director of ‘Water freedom revolution’, which is yet another venture towards promotion and development of pure water for the masses. He has sustained a delicate balance between managing smooth running and progression of the portal, WFR and house-hold. Of what he has invested his life into are not profit gaining projects and even the recognition and appreciation is long due, however what he has ventured into is a work of life time dedicated primarily to the guru and secondly to the benefit of society through provision of clean water to future generation.

Dr. Bashir Badr speaks about Nilesh Neel

I know my status but it doesn’t behove me to talk about it, it’s better that someone else speak about me. I must admit that I didn’t work as hard in writing my verses as Neel has honestly worked in collecting them all. In relation he is like my son. From last 5 years he is working on me, I believe his noble efforts and true hard work creating this portal. He is new voice of real poetry. He is writing promisingly genuine poetries in Urdu and Hindi. I believe he will do the best in his life. I wish him all the best and blessings for his visionary work.

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