Authentic Dreams

Authentic Dreams is an online book. This book is 1st of its kind to be published, only on the website. In this era of media and Internet, this book is an endeavor to bring forth to the readers of Bashir Badr, an easy accessibility and an experience of Bashir’s Shers. This book holds no copies in the book stores. The page from the book deciphers each Sher in Hindi, English and Urdu.

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Ujaale Apani Yaadon Ke

This book has exclusively being publicized on the website. It is tribute to Mr. Vineet Pathak from Jabalpur. Mr. Pathak was an all time fan of Bashir Badr. And he insisted that he wants to publish the book. “Ujjale apni yadon ke…” Bashir gave him the rights to do so. Mr. Vineet Pathak was small town boy in the struggling phase of his life. He sold away most of his possessions to publish this book. The book was printed on a handmade paper, with Illustrated pictures of Dr. Bashir Badr. There handful printed copies of this book. This book therefore has been made available on the website as a tribute from IRSPBB to Mr. Vineet Pathak. The readers can view the original book. Bashir Badr is remorseful that Mr. Vineet Pathak lost his life in a very unfortunate mishap, he was mistakenly murdered. IRSPBB pays him homage to Mr. Vineet Pathak.

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