IRSPBB 18000 Sher Encyclopedia
RSPBB’s portal is the one and first website developed around the work of Poet Bashir Badr. The portal is going to showcase the life and work of life by the Poet Bashir Badr. For the poetry lovers, for the fans of Poet and for new generation poets IRSPBB has also decided to collect 18,000 of Poet’s work and publish them as 6 Encyclopaedias. Each of the encyclopaedias will have 3000 pages, each page giving in depth knowledge about 1 sher.

When it was decided to publish Encyclopaedias on Dr. Bashir Badr it was a not a easy task of publishing a set of books. It was more like choosing the best 18,000 diamonds from a collection of millions of GEMS. And when we speak about Encyclopaedia challenge is not to collect 18,000 pieces of content but to represent each one of them in right order of their inception along with stories and events around them. Finally when all of these are available, simple tasks of collating them in a book can be planned, with meaning of each unique word and paragraph so that each individual at any level of education can understand it.

Bashir Sahab is poet of people, the language he uses is most simplest we have ever worked with. All because of this simple language we immediately decided to translate all his work to English, French, Germany and Spanish in nest 2 years. Read More

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These books are in process of special crafting under the guidance of noted Urdu Critic and Editor Iqbal Masood who has recently retired from post of Joint Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy. Mr. Iqbal has been given a dedicated team of pre-press people to accomplish the task in next 1 year. Founder Chairman of IRPSBB Mr. Nilesh is supporting Mr. Iqbal in choosing the SHERs out of life time work by Poet Bashir Badr along with travelling all over the globe to collect facts and history about each of the 18,000 shers chosen.

Books are planned for their Preview launch in London Book Fair 2011. Books will be ready for Hindi, Urdu and English market by early 2012 and from there onwards the process of translating them in various other languages of world shall start. IRSPBB’s collection of Encyclopaedias is a job of life time; there will be constant addition of content, translation and work by other poets.

The IRSPBB 18,000 Shers Encyclopedia of
Shayar-E-Azam Bashir Badr
Encyclopedia Volume 1
Nilesh Neel
International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr (

Forward By : ‘Padma Bhushan’ Jagjit Singh

Editor-in-Chief : Iqbal Masood (Rtd.) Joint Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy, Bhopal

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Cover/Book Concept & Author’s Photograph : Nilesh Neel
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The Cover of the book is a photograph of handmade curtain made by Dr. Akhtar Jahan Malik of 72 imorte Shers of Bashir Badr.

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