Members and Consultants

Mr. Sudhir Sehgal, COO & Head: Marketing & PR

Mr. Sudhir Sehgal is well known for his innovations and technical initiatives in Indian Publishing Industry. Mr. Sehgal was the key man behind reviving of Indian Comics Industry. After a dry gap of 15 years Mr. Sehgal and his team released 2 new comics (a) Bollywood & (b) Santa Banta & Trendy at times when Indian comics industry was tagged as dead by many industry specialists

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Ms. Neha Holkar, Head Content Management & Mediator

IRSPBB dedicates its special compliments to Ms. Neha Holkar; the most delicate job done by her for and that is the content writing. Her Primary job is to develop this portal was the content writing and without the balance flow of contents our dedicated web developer would not have been able to progress further to develop this site

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