Members and Consultants

Mr. Nilesh Neel, Founder Chairman

Nilesh Neel an ardent admirer of the renowned poet Bashir Badr has created International readers Society of poet Bashir Badr to make the works of the Urdu poet better known in the world. He wants to create an atmosphere for him to get Nobel Prize someday. It might or might not happen, but Bashir’s works should be known and accessible to all those who understand and appreciate class Urdu poetry.

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Mrs. Alpana Neel, Director & CEO

When Mrs. Alpana Neel was going Oxford for her masters she might have never thought that she will come back to India and settle for her husband’s mission. Like any other young academic success in country like UK and that too in place like Oxford, one want to settled abroad for their dreamed life but Mrs. Alpana Neel after the completion of her education in Oxford sacrifice her esteemed career and move back to India.

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Mr. Jagjit Singh, Brand Ambassador IRSPBB

Paramount Ghazal singer Mr. Jagjit Singh has very good synchronized relationship with Dr. Badr.
Dr. Badr writes simplest yet unique expression in his Shers/Ghazals which Jagjit admires and Dr. Badr likes Jagjit’s voice. The unison has created many ghazals which are in stores for public listening. Jagjit singh says that what makes Bashir’s shers and Ghazals exceptional is the fact that they are very very straight and simple.

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Mr. Iqbal Masood, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Iqbal Masood is a well known critic of Urdu Poetry. He is known as a tough standard for Urdu Poetry, anything which passes his test is automatically tagged as best work. Along with working as editor and author for NCERT he has served Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy as Joint Secretary for many years.

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Mr. Sudhir Sehgal, COO & Head: Marketing & PR

Mr. Sudhir Sehgal is well known for his innovations and technical initiatives in Indian Publishing Industry. Mr. Sehgal was the key man behind reviving of Indian Comics Industry. After a dry gap of 15 years Mr. Sehgal and his team released 2 new comics (a) Bollywood & (b) Santa Banta & Trendy at times when Indian comics industry was tagged as dead by many industry specialists

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Ms. Neha Holkar, Head Content Management & Mediator

IRSPBB dedicates its special compliments to Ms. Neha Holkar; the most delicate job done by her for and that is the content writing. Her Primary job is to develop this portal was the content writing and without the balance flow of contents our dedicated web developer would not have been able to progress further to develop this site

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