Mr. Jagjit Singh (Brand Ambassador IRSPBB)

aramount Ghazal singer Mr. Jagjit Singh has very good synchronized relationship with Dr. Badr.

Dr. Badr writes simplest yet unique expression in his Shers/Ghazals which Jagjit admires and Dr. Badr likes Jagjit’s voice. The unison has created many ghazals which are in stores for public listening. Jagjit singh says that what makes Bashir’s shers and Ghazals exceptional is the fact that they are very very straight and simple. One with fondness for poetry can easily understand Bashir’s poetry. Precisely Bashir’s shers if are romantic they are romantic, if they philosophical they are philosophical. Bashir is a very popular name in the Urdu poetry world.

Jagjit praises and gives his wishes to IRSPBB and He Congratulates specially to Mr.Nilesh Neel for his great initiative to bring Bashir’s shers to the world by translation and the IRSPBB website.