Mission Statement
he mission of IRSPBB is to become a recognizable organization, with utilizing the connective power of the Internet and digital publishing to promote Dr. Bashir Badr’s literature across the world. And to build a strong community of his fans followings where his literature can be read, discuss and share. Also IRSPBB is keen to provide a unique platform to all poets and new shayars to start publishing their work through this online media, without struggling to publish for masses. Further, we plan to deliver an online environment that creates interest in Urdu Shayari among the masses, and keep Dr. Badr’s literature alive for the coming up generations, this portal will be an open platform for everyone who wants to know, read, research and discuss Dr. Badr in coming future.

IRSPBB Purpose Statement

o accomplish its mission, IRSPBB will combine high quality web development process, project planning and cost-effective solutions along with effective and targeted publicity of the portal to reach most of the youth; specially those who are already involved in social networking, so that, the phase two of portal is mostly concern in developing similar features of most popular social networking sites.

Since social networking has completely changed the face of internet in the past few years, IRSPBB understand the fact that the social networking is going to be a key of most of the internet related affairs. And also it is a great tool to spread any content on the internet.
So we have decided to build this portal around a strong social community of poets, writers and fans, where primary content will be the literature of Dr. Badr which can be shared and spread by the community members.

IRSPBB is also targeting e-publication of Dr. Badr’s entire literature to make all the Poet’s work available within same portal. A contract of typeset of all his books is already outsourced and expected to be delivered by late 2011.

As well as offering web resources such as a place to promote community members own content, IRSPBB will enable members to Blog / discuss topics in forum/ post reviews and rate content of the site.

IRSPBB is also targeting the publication of a magazine which will be contributed and edited by its own community members. Content of this magazine will be collected through portal as a user submission to IRSPBB, a fare share of royalty will be shared with all published members. In our philosophy this trend will help in encouraging all upcoming poets who are talented but lost somewhere in the race of survival.
Phase II has been planned with some useful applications for (widely popular social networking sites) FaceBook and Twitter to promote the web content of, along with serving the unique content thru Mobile (IVR and 3G) content.