IRSPBB’s participation in London Book Fair 2011

nternational Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr has participated in London Book Fair 2011 to launch its portals and A strategic position of stall R505 was allocated to IRSPBB since this booth was next to Russian Pavilion and Russia was Guest of Honor for year 2011. R505, a 4×2 meters stall, was designed using pictures of the hand crafted curtain made exclusively for Poet Bashir Badr by his fan. The unique design of the stall was conceived by Mr. Nilesh Neel, founder chairman of IRSPBB.

Bashir Sahab’s fan were very keen to listen to messages posted by Jagjit Singh and Bashir Badr himself
Along with international launch of, London Book Fair 2011 also observed the pre-launch of 18,000 Shers Encyclopaedias of Poet Bashir Badr’s work. 6 unique books are in process of design and editing and each book has 3000 shers along with their translations and details of various aspects of Urdu Poetry along with unique history of each Sher. While IRSPBB is working on Hindi, Urdu and English translations of the work, during London Book Fair 2011 various international publishers showed keen interest in translating the work in various other languages such as Arabic, French, English, Malay and Russian. Various authors and poets across the world shown great appreciation for such collection of Urdu Poetry and the concept of Encyclopedia. People showed keen interest to meet the Editor-in-Chief Mr. Iqbal Masood and suggested to hold workshops on Urdu Poetry during Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 and other international book fairs in future.

isitors appreciated and showed great respect for the work of and Publishers and fans of Bashir Badr particularly paid tribute to courage and innovations of Nilesh Neel and IRSPBB team. Visitors were not very surprised to know that legends like Jagjit Singh have come forward to support the organization and taken the lead as brand Ambassador. Bashir Sahab’s fan were very keen to listen to messages posted by Jagjit Singh and Bashir Badr himself.

12th April 2011 was chosen the day for international launch of At 1 pm (London Time) the site was declared “open” for all the fans of Bashir Badr across the world by Mr. Jon Slack and Mr. Bhavit Mehta of Society of Young Publishers, UK
The event was also attended by many authors, poets and journalists present during the fair. Most of the publishers and participants of the fair were intimated about this launch by a special invitation. Though launch was scheduled for 1pm, visitors continued to visit the stall and brose thru the site and books til late evening. During the launch various publishers from Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, USA, India, Pakistan and France were present.

r. Jon see this an opportunity for India and UK to work together and promote the poetry culture. Mr. Bhavit was keen to work with IRSPBB to organize special sessions of poetry and Ghazals in various parts of Europe. These sessions will be specially organized for Bashir Sahab. Ms. Louise Barbar (PlayBac, France) was amazed to see such a huge collection of Indian Poetry and encouraged IRSPBB to speak to French Embassy and organize some exchange programs and poetic workshops involving poets from both the countries. Various publishers from Asia especially from Middle East, Pakistan and Malaysia showed immediate interest to purchase selling rights of encyclopedias. Visitors also urged to expand the portal to include work from various other poets and also extend its reach to young generation.

fter 3 very successful days at London Book Fair, IRSPBB will now work to complete the portal to add all the 180,000 shers online and make the site more interactive for all the fans across the world. Along with online work IRSPBB will be ready with first 2 encyclopedias by September 2011, which shall be released during Frankfurt Book Fair 2011.

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