“Ujjale Apni Yadon …”

his Sher has many fascinating incidents related to it. This Sher touched the mind and soul of Indira Gandhi. When she heard this Sher for the 1st time, she did not know who the writer was, but liked it so much that she chose to keep in on her desk.

The Sher happens to be the favourite Sher of legendary actress Meena Kumari also; she herself had written down this Sher, in her handwriting in a magazine ‘Star and Style’.

Mr. Dilip Kumar one of the most renowned Indian actors initiates his autographs with word ‘Ujjale’
Late Shri Gyani Jelsingh, former president of India had recited this Sher, time and again in his speeches. Before his death this was the last Sher that he had recited.

“Log tut jate hai ek ghar banane mein…”

Above Sher was recited by Atal Bihari Vajpayee to win an election campaign.

“Koi haath bhi na milayega …”

Above lines were read by Sushmita Sen, (Miss World 1994) during one of the emotional moments in an interview on Zee TV

“Dushmani jaam kar karo …”

This was narrated by Pakistan Prime minister ‘Zulfkkar Ali Bhuto’ during his speech at the time of Shimla negotiation. This Sher was much approved not only in India but also Karachi, Pakistan
Many of his shers are widely known across the globe. They have been time and again narrated by associates from field of art, literature, culture as well as politicians.

Former President R.K Narayan in All India Urdu Sampadak Sameelan quoted this Sher of Bashir Badr to end the session with:

“Suna ke koi kahani hume sulati thi
duao jaise bade pandan ki khushboo..
wo itradaan sa lahazaa mere buzurgo ka
rach basi hui urdu zubaan ki khushboo.”

r. Badr has a collection of more than 11,000 shers. Bashir’s artistic sense has helped him strike a balance between the customary expression and new contemporary illustration, coming to constitute the new elite language known to have been understood by a common man.
Basing his language of indigenous Urdu, he blended it with Hindi diction and created a poetic language at once simple, natural and elegant. He had embraced this facet of language in 1950. Bashir Badr is often related as the future day Urdu Poet.
Mir, who has written more than 18000 shers, has 72 shers as remembered ones; so has Bashir. 72 most famous shers of Bashir have been embroidered on a curtain. His shers have a quality that they can be easily understood and felt; hence create a long lasting impression on the heart and mind.

The Curtain with 72 sher

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